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      "Nearly three decades ago, a rare woman gave me intuitive support.  At first, I wondered whether she truly knew anything for real about what might come to transpire. As time went on, absolutely everything that she ever said came true. Because of this, I share with you a portion of those transpirings.... 


       Jinny, that rare channel and intuit,  explained that I did not come onto the earth very often. She told me that I had fulfilled my contract each lifetime, yet if I saw portions of my life in advance, I would never choose to do some of what I was required to go through, for it would be too hard for me to accept.  She explained that I was here as a teacher and that it was of grand requirement that I assist the young, as well as all souls, for our world had a rash. She explained that if I were to help one man and then another and another with that same ailment, I would grow too weary.  Stated to me was that I was here to help a whole world with that same rash. 

       Shown to me, too, through the conveyance of a vision that two separate people had unbeknownst to one another, was the view of my standing on a high ledge way up on a mountain precipice. I was told that I had my back turned to anything that wished to stop me. Rising and rising and rising in front and above me were millions and millions of children. They were here with a purpose and I was here to assist them in their souls' evolution...  They had innate inner gifts that would help our world, I was told, and I had promised before my own birth, to come here to support their growth.  In these workings, Heaven was a part of all of this, I was told...

      On our planet, right now, the urgency of what these people spoke of to me feels extremely pressing...

With all of my heart, I intend to do my part to help." (Little One)


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About the Channel

     Lovingly referred to as 'Little One', this being is a pure vessel for the I AM.

As a legendary teacher and heartfelt messenger, she is divinely guided. The messages and the light that come forth are vital, direct and pure. This child's inner beauty will touch you deeply.


     Little One has studied in England, Japan and the US for nearly 30 years.

She serves on a number of panels, including the board of directors for the Global Healing Foundation, the Global Council of Spiritual Teachers, an associate of the International Association for Spiritual Coaches (IASC), the

Self-Worth Coalition-Global Initiative, the Worldwide Association of Intuitive Healers and numerous forums, including those for animals (for she is also an intuitive gift to give our fur friends a voice). Sheryl has been keynote speaker in many arenas, hosted on Voice America Talk Radio, presenter at the UN, Columbia University, the A.R.E. and more. She holds a number of ministerial licenses and certifications, is a Seimei Practitioner (28+ years) and is HeartMath certified.


     Some of our world's most ascended souls have befriended and mentored Sheryl. Included are internationally renowned healers, lightworkers, alchemists, spiritual leaders, indigenous teachers, peacemakers, clairvoyants, authors, spiritual filmmakers, gifted sentients, rare channels and hosts and hosts of beautiful and loving souls, through the sharing of their hearts. Through the ongoing practical application of Seimei, a rare healing technique from Japan, and its study for many years, as well as the work done at Arthur Findlay College in England, one of the oldest schools in the world for intuitive healing studies and channeling, Sheryl has gained even stronger awareness.


     Little One has been featured on radio, television, the Edgar Cayce Institute, churches, holistic practices, yoga studios, retreat centers and wellness facilities. For many years, she was an elementary and special needs public school teacher. As author of "Heaven's Doorway-Through the Little One"; "Humanity's Doorway" (CD); "Love One Another" (CD); "Watch the Changes In Our Animals-Watch the Changes In Our Skies" (A children's book), Sheryl is currently completing a compilation of 111 MP3 teachings, teleconference events, a third book, public speaking events and more.

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