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  About This Little One



As a legendary teacher, 'Little One' was

given this name by the Angels. Through rare    abilities she assists humanity at a time on        our planet when higher consciousness is                   Heaven's will for our world.     


     Through the inner connection that this child has,  Heaven is given a voice. Souls are shocked at the teachings that come forward.      For nearly 28 years, this Little One has           supported people as they inwardly evolve   towards their true Divine nature. By giving       Angels a voice, people are assisted in the        remembrance, by allowing themselves to            embrace the loving light and greater awareness that the Holy Spirit has for each one of us. Angels see us as the stewards of creation on Mother Earth and teach this.


The Recordings


     For decades, Little One has been graced with magnificent teachings that Angels have      shared with special souls over the years,           during their channeled sessions. These teachings are life altering and have a powerful  impact on our human awareness.


     The goal in sharing these teachings and   writings is to help our world to realize how             truly loved we are...  And yet, how                truly needed our love and light is within                both our world and the Universe. 


     Heaven repeatedly refers to humanity's     love and pure light as imperative... for it is       required NOW, more than ever before on                                    our planet.

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MP3's and New Book

     Below are a few of the teachings as MP3's.  They can be found on this site, as you navigate to new pages...

       Look for the new book below, as you navigate even further. This book is designed to invite the youth of our world to create more with their heart L...O...V...E...

       The animals in our world teach love well, far more than we may know. Parents and caregivers, this book is for your loving charges, our world's children, to snuggle up with and read with you.


Our Animals


      Nearly 28 years ago, channeling taught 

that we should be aware of the changes in our animals. It was important to realize their roles as souls. Foretold was that, "They would teach us in ways that we were not aware of."   L...O...V...E... was what they would share, show and repeatedly teach, so that mankind would greaten it's awareness in that aspect of consciousness, as well.

     The book, "Watch the Changes In Our   Animals; Watch the Changes in Our Skies" is pivotal, for it teaches our young, their parents and our human race, as a whole, to be aware more than ever before of the gifts that our 'children of fur' (and otherwise...) give to us all, for divinity is at the root of all existence. We are here to evolve... Heaven teaches this through many pathways.

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