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New Audio Ebook


This ebook is an updated compilation of channeled teachings that speak to the heart of humanity's souls, encouraging a walk of love, rather than routinely conscious endeavors. As a human race, we have a responsibility to "a greater inner calling". Our everyday lives may not appear to be such, but Angels teach us otherwise.

This book supports that journey...


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Jacques Tombazian
Global Healer, Author, Alchemist 
  A Legend to all who knew him...
Founder of the Global Healing Foundation 

"Sheryl's ability to access the Cosmic Realm is clearly a sign of a rare gift. She is a great teacher and healer. Her book, "Heaven's Doorway", allows one to access pure divinity."


Rashid Lanie

International Award Winning Film Composer, Producer, Pianist

"HEAVEN'S DOORWAY is an invitation to tap into the wealth of love and abundance that is at the heart of all souls. The Little One is a selfless example of how service to her heart and soul has brought her

closer to the Great God within.

Through this, she has allowed many others, including me, to heal and honor the peace, the joy and

the love that we each are."

©2020 ®The Little One: A Teacher™, LITTLE ONE, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 
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